Kadi Group brings over 15 years of experience in working with international brands to establish their presence in Iran. We work hand in hand with global brands to assist them in establishing their presence in Iran. We provide on the ground assistance in liaising with government authorities and all relevant external stakeholders to ensure your business entry and success in Iran. We assist with distribution and marketing of your products and services to ensure maximum market penetration.  Kadi Group will work alongside your business to provide valuable insight, analysis and evaluation of you entry into the Iranian market. Trust a reputation built on delivering promises and uncompromised integrity, let Kadi Group show you the way into Iran.


Consultancy Services

If you are looking to enter, grow or expand your business lines in Iran, Kadi Group provides the services to minimize your risk, and maximize your returns. We conduct market and competitive research, management consulting, partner/distributor search, acquisition hunting, and strategy development services required by multinational corporations to explore and succeed in the marketplace.


We have over 25 years of experience in the Iranian market and our work is always tailored and unique to the realities of each client. We help our clients in analyzing and understanding the Iranian market and the competitive landscape before expanding their businesses. Our approach is to base the strategies we recommend on meticulously researched data and facts that ensure reliable findings. Equipped with the right insights, our teams will conduct a thorough market analysis, identify growth opportunities, and work alongside our clients to develop the most effective strategies and support their implementation.


Local Assistance


Kadi Group prides itself on its pristine reputation in the marketplace that has come to be through years of accomplishing what we say we can do. We work alongside many business in different capacities to assist them with on the ground deployment of their services, brands or ideas.

We can assist your business in any capacity to ensure that your deployment in Iran is fruitful and well organized.

Some of the services we offer include:

  • IT Services
  • Personnel Services
  • Resourcing Services
  • Local sponsorship of foreign entities
  • Compliance with Government regulation checks

Feasibility studies of foreign products in the Iranian market

Government Relations

Legislative and regulatory pressure is becoming more prevalent around the globe, which increases a company’s compliance obligations and jeopardizes its license to operate. Managing political risk is a growing imperative for effective corporate governance and business planning. Kadi Group combines public policy and sector-specific expertise to offer a unique capability for clients operating at the critical intersection between business and government.