Kadi Group consist of Kadi Canada, International Kadi Kish, International Kadi Apadana , Canadian Middle east Academic (CMA), Malaysian Middle east Academic (MMA), with offices in Canada, United Arab Emirates (UAE), United States of America (USA), New Zealand, United Kingdom (UK) and also in couple of the European Union (EU) members, Such as Spain and Slovakia.

Global Citizenship

Kadi Group started in 1997, over 17 years work experience in the Global immigration, Global education, investment advisor for both in Iran and foreign countries around the globe and also conducting cultural and economic studies for 4 continents:

  • America: United States of America (USA), Canada, Dominica, Saint Kitss & Navis, Granada.
  • Europe: Spain, Slovakia, Germany, Ireland, United Kingdom (UK), Bulgaria, Portugal, Cyprus, Lithuania, Switzerland, Hungry, Malta and Greece.
  • Australia: Australia and New Zealand.
  • Asia: Iran, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Hong Kong, Armenia, Turkey, Philippine, Malaysia.

Canadian Mid – East Academic

Canadian Mid – East Academic

Canadian Mid – East Academic, C.M.A, founded in 1997 by a group of distinguished Iranian and Canadian University professors teaching in the Canadian Universities, was registered in Halifax, Canada.

Malaysian Mid-East Academic

Malaysian Mid-East Academic

Malaysian Mid-East Academic is the pioneer in education and development services offering independent foundation for educational, cultural, research and migration services. With Global offices in UAE, Malaysia and Iran.

America College of Dubai


ACD is licensed as an institution of higher learning by the Dubai Municipality and operates under the supervision of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research–which accredits its academic programs.

Kadi Group’s professional employees work closely with world’s most reputable immigration lawyers (around 5 continents, 30 countries).

Kadi Group is the most reliable source to gain tailor-made advice for your future in regards to immigration, investment and education without having any worries.

Kadi Group offers VIP services for their exclusive clients to make their move to a new country as smooth as possible.